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About Us


In the beginning, people thought electricity is only about switching on lights bulbs but today almost every facet of life can not function without the use of electricity. Life can be very unbearable without fuel and electricity in this 21st century as they have become indispensable. The two are major determinants of the economic prosperity of every country. Daily activities like lighting, cooking, heating to powering machines in the industrial sector would not be possible without the use of fuel and electricity as they play a significant role. In the areas of quality healthcare delivery, education, transportation, entertainment, effective communication, mineral exploration and many more, electricity and fuel are essential. They serve as the building block on which every sector of every nation’s economy thrives. This emphasizes how crucial and indispensable fuel and electricity is for human existence in the 21st century.

In Ghana, the price fluctuations in these two commodities affect even the price of a single spoon of rice as they are huge price determinants in goods and services.

After a careful study of the economy, these two gentlemen made a move to make it possible for many Ghanaians to have access to these commodities year-round with just a click. In this way, the financial standards of the people will change for the better. Commercial and private vehicle users can make great savings on fuel while electricity consuming businesses can also make a great profit. Notwithstanding, our homes would be all fun with a constant flow of electricity through this wonderful business.

Mr Eric Danso and Mr Jackson Ofosu’s rich experience in the Multi-level Marketing and the Electronic Commerce industry and the numerous accolades they have received over the years proves that nothing but the best services would be delivered to the users of their platform to transform their lives financially.


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